33653-027Dear students, postdocs, and visiting scholars,

Welcome to the Bio-Sensing and Instrumentation Lab at the University of Georgia!

You are joining an excellent institution with a proud history. The University of Georgia is the oldest public University in the United States and has been consistently ranked among the top 20 public research Universities in the U.S. In the Bio-Sensing and Instrumentation Lab, we aspire to be among the most successful and respected in the area of agricultural sensing and robotics research. We identify ourselves as engineers with emphasis on sensing and automation to solve problems in food, agricultural, and biological systems. We believe our work will help advance the efficiency and sustainability of food, fiber, feed, and fuel production systems, which is critical to the wellbeing of our human beings in the 21st century.

You made your decision to join our lab, because we all share the same core values which are: integrity, excellence, accountability, and respect. I cherish the opportunity to work with all coworkers (undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral research associate and visiting scholars) and treat you as my colleagues. I believe that working with you is one of the best parts of being a professor. Providing good mentoring to you is one of the best investments I can make in my own professional life and my trainees’ lives. My mentoring goals are: 1) to provide educational opportunities for my trainees, to make them grow and learn, and to advance their career and professional development in the long term; 2) to finish projects and publish papers, and to advance the mission of our Lab. I will provide the best resources for you to maximize your intellectual potential.

I hope you can make the most out of it during your stay in this lab. Let us work together to create a better future.

Changying “Charlie” Li, Ph.D.
Bio-Sensing and Instrumentation Laboratory
College of Engineering
University of Georgia